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Utah Group Life and AD&D Employee Insurance

There is no death more tragic than an untimely one. The brutal emotional trauma that ripples through the family is bad enough, but the financial burden that can then result certainly isn’t good either.

Group life combined with accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D) for employees helps protect a household against loss of income due to the untimely death, or crippling dismemberment of your employees. Providing insurance to your employees is a great way to show that you care about the longevity and happiness of their families.

How Does a Life Insurance Plan Work?

Employee life insurance can take many forms depending on what your employees’ specific needs are. There are term policies, whole-life policies, universal policies, and variable policies, just to name a few. In the event that someone covered on a life insurance policy were to pass away, the insurance company would pay a pre-selected amount to the beneficiary of the policy.

Group life insurance policies are typically of the “term” variety. A term life insurance policy offers insurance for only a specific period of time. It’s considered one of the most affordable and easily accessible employee life insurance policies available.

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How Does AD&D Insurance Work?

Accidental death and dismemberment employee insurance protects your employee’s family in the case that their death (or the loss of a limb, eyesight, hearing, etc.) was the result of an accident. There are a few distinct exclusions to the definition of an “accident” here. Typically, death during surgery, drunk driving, a bacterial infection, a mental or physical illness, and drug overdoses are not covered.

AD&D insurance is often combined with an existing life insurance policy. AD&D insurance should not be considered a replacement for life insurance.

Providing AD&D insurance shows employees and potential hires that you both plan for contingencies, and care about their families as well.

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We believe in working closely with employers in Utah and throughout the country, by building relationships that last a lifetime. We don’t just run numbers all day: we’re actively looking through every aspect of your business to find you the best deals, and most comprehensive group life insurance and AD&D benefits in Utah.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services are typically covered with group life and AD&D insurance?

    Life and AD&D insurance do not cover services the way dental and health insurance do. Instead, they provide income and financial resources to a household upon the death of one of your employees.

  • Am I required to offer life and AD&D insurance to my employees?

    Employers are required by law to provide workers compensation insurance. While they are not required to provide group life or AD&D insurance policies, it’s certainly a good idea to consider adding them to your employee benefits package to improve overall compensation.