Group Vision Insurance in Utah


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Do you offer your Utah employees group vision insurance? If not, consider adding it to your insurance offerings! Experienced, highly trained employees are at a premium these days, so courting them with superior benefits packages is a must if you hope to secure the best possible personnel for your team. Adding vision insurance to their coverage is an affordable way to make your Utah company an even more attractive option to potential hires.

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Your employees often spend hundreds of dollars on vision care each year, especially if they have families. This expense is in addition to their regular (often steep) medical costs. A vision policy may encourage your staff to undergo proper preventative exams. This will lead to quality vision health, and potentially generate better job performance. Even more importantly, a vision package demonstrates that you value your employee’s quality of life.

What Group Vision Coverage is Used For

Group vision coverage can vary greatly depending on the plan. Many policies cover one preventative eye exam each year that checks employee’s vision and covers basic testing. Frames, lenses and/or contacts may also be covered up to a certain amount, such as $200 (for example). Other plans may only cover these services every two years.

Many vision plans also include discounts on corrective laser surgery, although few cover that service completely. Still, some plans may help defray the costs of eye surgeries such as cataract operations, although that kind of coverage is rare. In general, surgical interventions such as these are covered under an employee’s medical plan instead of their vision plan. This distinction can be confusing, so policyholders need to consult both their medical and vision providers before getting treatment.

In general, the Utah group vision plan you offer your employees will cover basic vision services only, unless you opt for a more comprehensive approach. The choice is yours.

Benefits of a Utah Vision Service Plan (VSP)

A vision service plan (or VSP) is an affordable way to offer your employees savings on their vision needs.

Depending on the level of coverage provided, the policyholder pays a copay for regular eye exams and receives a set benefit for eyeglass frames and lenses. VSP plans are accepted by a huge network of eye care professionals and can result in hundreds of dollars in savings each year for your employees. These plans also offer discounts on laser vision correction within the VSP network.

While a VSP isn’t the same as a full-coverage vision plan, it does offer a significant monetary benefit to your workforce without breaking your budget.

How Group Vision Works in Utah

Group vision coverage in Utah generally works the same way it does in the rest of the nation. The policies are flexible and typically cover some combination of eye exams, eyeglass frames, and lenses.

You are not required by law to offer vision coverage to your employees, but the vision insurance plans Utah companies provide can benefit both their team members and their business. You will be able to attract top talent in your industry while taking advantage of the significant tax benefits that come with it. In addition, you will improve the morale of your workplace by showing you care about the well-being of your employees. Companies often offer vision plans on a voluntary basis, meaning the employee pays 100% of the premium.

Some smaller companies don’t realize that they are eligible for group vision insurance. In reality, any business with two or more employees can purchase most types of group insurance. Our expert team at Altura Benefits can help you make the right Utah group vision insurance choice for your team.

How Altura Benefits Partners with You

Finding the right vision plan for your company is not difficult with the help of Altura Benefits. Our goal is to be your partner in providing the best coverage for your workforce.

Remember, a group vision insurance plan is a great way to enhance your employees’ benefits package. It is similar to any other type of group insurance that you may already provide, or are thinking of providing. And you have options. As a Utah employer, you can pay a portion of the premium or have your employees pay for the entire premium. Either way, having affordable vision care is added to their other company benefits.

Best of all, Altura Benefits does all the work for you! We will find a group vision plan that’s appropriate for your situation and then secure the best possible rates for that group vision. In many cases, we can then help you enroll your employees in the program! The process is fast and simple. In no time at all, you’ve sweetened your benefits package and improved the lives of your employees while simultaneously saving money for the company.

What Kind of Vision Plans Can I Expect With Altura?

At Altura, we serve as an insurance broker and consultant. We work to find the perfect Utah group vision insurance for your business. For instance, your company may want to provide a minimum coverage plan at no cost to your employees. Or, you may choose a comprehensive plan that covers exams, treatments, glasses, and lenses. We can help you determine the right employee to company contribution percentage. In fact, we can customize just about any plan to fit your needs.

In particular, we work with the following vision providers:

  • Dental Select
  • United Healthcare
  • EMI Health
  • Opticare of Utah
  • Guardian
  • SelectHealth

We only partner with reputable companies that specialize in the vision insurance Utah employees rely upon, so you can be certain that these companies will offer the right custom coverage for your workforce.

When Can You Begin Group Vision Coverage?

Open enrollment is just around the corner, so take action now. Contact Altura Benefits today for a free, no-obligation estimate on Utah vision insurance coverage costs. Leave us an online message or call (801) 263-2900. Your employees deserve the best you can offer. Let’s get to work on improving your benefits package today!