Group Vision Employee Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Vision employee insurance is an increasingly popular way for businesses to set themselves apart from the competition.
With the proportion of people who are unemployed and looking for a job shrinking by the year, it’s becoming harder and harder to attract top talent.

Providing comprehensive benefits such as vision insurance for employees is a key way some of the nation’s best firms are staying competitive with their talent acquisition.

Altura Benefits serves as your partner in any and all matters relating to employee insurance benefits.
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Utah employers, read more about our Utah Group Vision Plans here.

How Does a Group Vision Insurance Plan Work?

A group vision insurance plan is a great way to offer an added bonus to your employees’ benefits package. It is similar to any other type of group insurance that you may already provide, or are thinking of providing. As an employer, you can pay a portion of the premium or have your employees pay for the entire premium; either way, your employees will appreciate having the option available to them.

Essentially, Altura will find a group plan that works for you and secure the best possible rates for your business. Then, depending on the contribution and compensation structure that you select, we will help you enroll your employees.

Your employees’ vision needs will be taken care of, you will save money, and by choosing Altura you will have a great experience.

What Kind of Vision Plans Can I Expect With Altura?

Since Altura is not only a broker, but a consultant as well, we can help you find just about any kind of plan your business needs.

For example, you could have a minimum coverage plan that you pay for entirely, allowing your employees to get free eye exams on an annual basis. Or, you could have a full-scope comprehensive plan that covers exams, treatments, glasses and lenses. Any combination of coverage and proportion of contributions is available with Altura’s customizable approach

Why Choose Altura Benefits?

Altura Benefits is more than just an employee benefits broker. While we do work hard to find you the best possible rates for your group health and dental plans, we also pride ourselves on being consultants to your specific needs.

Every business is different. Chances are, your needs are completely unique. So why should you have to choose the same policies as everyone else? Altura Benefits digs deep to find the best solution for your business. We also make the process of finding and implementing employee benefit plans easy for you and your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services are typically covered with group vision insurance?

    Group vision insurance allows for fairly flexible coverage. Typically, group vision insurance covers some combination of eye exams, frames, and lenses.

  • Am I required to offer vision insurance to my employees?

    While businesses are not required by law to provide vision insurance for their employees, there are huge benefits to offering it that can be lost if you do not. Vision insurance for employees is a great way to hire and retain the top talent in your industry. There are also tax benefits!

  • Is my business eligible for group vision insurance?

    Any business with 2 or more employees is eligible for most types of group insurance. We specialize in negotiating the very best rates and employee insurance plans for your specific business.