Are you eligible for a tax credit?

If you would like to compare companies and find out if you qualify for a tax credit or subsidy check out the link below. If you are eligible, you could save a significant amount of money on your monthly premium!


As our most popular statewide carrier, SelectHealth features the most affordable premiums and in-network coverage at all the Intermountain Healthcare facilities. Members can choose from 15 different plans, and coverage levels often exceed the benchmark standard.


Regence BCBS offers 4 plans for individual and families who live in Northern and Central Utah. Although a tax credit from the healthcare marketplace cannot be applied towards these plans, which keeps premiums higher, Regence remains a favorite among consumers.

University of Utah Health Plans benefits from its partnership with the University of Utah Healthcare system, as well as MountainStar Healthcare and other statewide partners. Clients who select U of U Health Plans enjoy competitive rates on 6 well-liked plans and strong local customer service.

Molina Healthcare has re-entered the individual health insurance marketplace after pulling out in 2017. They offer competitively priced silver plans in parts of Utah and contract with Steward and Mountain Star Hospitals. Molina applications must be completed on the website.

Cigna is a well-established insurance company that is known for their group/business health insurance plans. They have just entered the Utah individual health insurance market for 2020. Their plans are available in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Weber counties.

If you do not qualify for an enrollment period, short-term plans are available for application at anytime. However, the coverage is less comprehensive than traditional plans. We strongly encourage you to contact our office to discuss short-term plans, as there are considerable differences.

Questions about Medicaid?

Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) are government-sponsored programs that help some low-income individuals and families pay for medical expenses.

Unfortunately, only employees of The Department of Workforce Services are able to assist with Medicaid or CHIP enrollment. For more questions on Medicaid in the Salt Lake Area- please call The Department of Workforce Services at 801-526-0950 or visit

For questions regarding CHIP please call 877-543-7669.