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Altura works with all of the major Utah health insurance companies, along with an array of vision and dental providers as well. These insurance carriers offer some of the most affordable and comprehensive health coverage for your employees, based on your specific business needs.

Why do you need Utah health, dental, and vision insurance?

Federal and Utah law mandate specific healthcare requirements for employers. As a business owner, you may need to provide employees with healthcare coverage. Otherwise, hefty fines for non-compliance may follow.

You might find that health insurance legislation in Utah can be complicated. Altura Benefits can customize a Utah health insurance plan based on your specific budget and requirements. Our employee benefits solution starts with an assessment, where we find competitive quotes from our trusted network of health, dental, and vision insurers in Utah. Then, we personalize a plan for your employees based on the size and needs of your organization. The result? You can provide high-quality healthcare insurance to your company, manage HR responsibilities, and optimize compliance.

Below you will find a list of the top health, dental and vision insurance companies in Utah, along with a write-up about each.

Note: Carriers/insurance companies offer very similar coverage options to each other, including preventative care, urgent care visits, office visits, home healthcare, outpatient treatment, medical equipment, prescription drugs, and independent x-ray/lab services. The biggest differences you will find are typically in premium price and network (the hospitals/doctors they work with).

Top Utah Health Insurance Companies


SelectHealth offers plans with a wide variety of coverage and provides access to Intermountain Healthcare, the largest health coverage provider in the intermountain west region. One of the most popular healthcare insurers in Utah, SelectHealth receives high satisfaction scores, according to the Utah Department of Health.

SelectHealth, founded in 1983, boasts more than 700,000 members and 975 employees. The non-for-profit organization has been made popular due to their competitive prices, and covers residents in Utah and Idaho. Plans include services such as hospital visits, preventative care, and prescription drugs.


Global health service company, Cigna, provides a wide range of plans for employers in Salt Lake City, as well as Weber, Davis, and other Utah counties. Like all ACA compliant plans, Cigna’s plans come in three different categories (or “metal levels”) — Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Cigna has more than 180 million patient and customer relationships in 30+ countries and jurisdictions. Based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, the organization has more than 70,000 employees.

Regence BCBS

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (Regence BCBS) targets Utah residents in northern and central Utah, with a network that extends to Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. All plans include preventative care, prescriptions, and the 10 “essential” benefits mandated by the federal and Utah governments (physician services, hospital care, mental health services, etc.)

Plans also include a service called MDLIVE, where customers talk to doctors via phone/video call. This works out cheaper (and is more convenient) than an in-person visit.

Regence BCBS, founded in 1917, provides health insurance coverage to people in Utah, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. The non-profit organization is the largest health insurance plan association in the northwest and intermountain region, with more than 3.1 million customers.

United Healthcare

United Health offers a wide range of medical health plans for employers in Utah. It also boasts of a wide national network of service providers. It has flexible insurance coverage options such as Broad Network, Narrow Network, and Tiered Benefit plans which give employers the power to choose the most suitable plan for them.

United Healthcare also offers health and wellness programs for employees in some of its plans and the United Healthcare® app for easy access. All customers have access to a cost estimator tool to help them manage their insurance costs and avoid surprises.

United Healthcare was founded in 1984 and it is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Founded in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut, Aetna provides health coverage for employers and Medicare in Utah counties such as Davis, Summit, Salt Lake City among others. Aetna provides medical, disability, pharmaceutical, and long-term illness insurance coverage plus fitness programs such as SilverSneakers.

Aetna has more than 22.1 million customers, a network of more than 5,700 hospitals and 50,000 employees.

University of Utah

The University of Utah healthcare system is one of the most renowned in the state, offering two health insurance networks — Premier and Preferred. The University of Utah has links with MountainStar Healthcare’s system of hospitals and clinics in various Utah locations. Customers can also access virtual care and utilize the MyChart app to keep track of all pertinent information.

Formed in 1998, University of Utah’s healthcare system emphasizes cost-efficiency and customer service, providing customers with affordable access to hospital care, preventative care, doctor’s office services, and other services.

Top Utah Dental Insurance Companies

United Healthcare

United Healthcare offers a range of dental care plans for employers that fall under the following categories: Open access, Dental in- Network Only Plan, Select Managed Care, and Value.

In Open Access employers can either choose network providers (for a discount) or their preferred providers. This plan includes preventative care, oral cancer screening, and prenatal dental care. The Dental In-Network Only Plan allows employees to only use dentists in the United Healthcare network for 25% savings with similar benefits as Open Access.

Under Select Managed care, there is a primary care dentist, and services are offered for a set co-pay. Referrals might be required and there are no annual limits or deductibles. The Value plan has no deductible and offers coverage for preventive dental care plus a 20-50% discount for other dental services.

United Healthcare offers access to a network of more than 85,000 dental practitioners.

Dental Select

Founded in 1988, Dental Select is one of the most popular dental insurance companies in Utah, with benefits for people looking for cost-effective and high-quality dental care. Plans include free dental exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments (once the customer meets his/her deductible).

Dental Select provides access to various dental care providers across multiple Utah counties. There are no annual maximums or fixed co-payments.


SelectHealth provides Utah employers with the option of either getting dental services from their large network of providers (Intermountain Healthcare) or non-participating providers. Depending on the plan you choose, this provider can pay up to 100% with no waiting period for preventative and diagnostic services such as x-rays, cleaning, fluoride treatments, and dental exams.

In the case of basic services, implants, major dental services, and orthodontics, the plan will pay a fixed percentage after deductions. There are annual limits and waiting periods depending on the selected plan.


Guardian has a wide network of dentists who serve the state of Utah. It offers employers flexible and customizable dental plans which include oral cancer screening, implants, and periodontics.

Guardian has a strong focus on preventive dental care with its Preventive Advantage plan that allows members to get cleaning, fluoride treatments, and x-rays without deductions. They also have a Maximum Rollover plan where unused maximums rollover to next year for extra savings.

Guardian was founded in 1860 and has a 99% member satisfaction rating.


Cigna offers employers flexible dental plans and they have a large network of dentists who serve the Utah counties of Weber, Davis, Salt Lake City among others. Services offered include surgical implants, crowns, and bridges plus mouth guards. Preventive procedures such as cleaning and fluoride treatments are offered either at a small fee or at no fee at all.

There are discounts for employees who choose to use in-network dentists and some plans allow users to switch between plans from month to month to increase savings.

Plans have annual maximums and waiting periods.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental has one of the largest networks of dentists in the nation and a large network in Utah. Delta Dental offers flexible dental insurance plans for employers with discounts for using dentists in their network or fee-for-service plans.

It was founded in 1966, Delta serves more than 68 million Americans and aims to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

EMI Health

EMI Health offers five levels of dental coverage for employers Premier, Summit, Advantage, Elevate, and Choice. For Utah employers, the Elevate plan offers the best benefits. These plans can be either contributory or voluntary and they cover 100% of preventive services when employees choose in-network providers.

EMI health has more than 100,000 dentists in its network and also offers a dental discount plan. It is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1935.

MetLife Dental

MetLife Dental works with numerous dentists in Utah, offering custom dental plans based on your requirements. Members receive coverage for multiple services and procedures, such as x-rays, cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, orthodontics, and more.

MetLife is one of the largest insurance providers in the world, with 90 million customers in 60+ countries. Based in New York City, the health insurance company has more than 48,000 employees.

Top Utah Vision Insurance Companies

Dental Select

Dental Select offers vision services for employers through EyeMed. As one of the most popular Utah insurance companies, Dental Select’s vision plans are flexible and they have little to no copays. The services provided include eye exams, lenses, frames, and contacts.

Members receive a 20% discount on sunglasses and a 40% discount on extra glasses purchased. Dental Select’s vision plan network has 98,000 service providers and 25,000 retail locations.

United Healthcare

With more than 80,000 vision service providers (retail and private practice), United Healthcare provides employers in Utah with a wide variety of options. Their packages cover eye exams, contacts or glasses, and frames. All eyeglass purchases include a scratch-resistant coating when done at an in-network service provider.

Additionally, their members get discounts on contacts, laser eye surgery, LASIK vision correction, sunglasses, and even hearing aids.

EMI Health

EMI Health provides affordable and customizable vision services with both contributory payment and voluntary payment options available. Employer plans cover a wide range of frames and lenses plus contact lenses (permanent and disposable).

EMI has a large network of up to 50,000 vision service providers and it provides benefits for using in-network providers.

Opticare of Utah

A local Utah business, Opticare offers access to 19 locations across Utah in their Select Network plan and access to 120 providers in their Broad Network plans. Its employer vision care plans are all-inclusive, inexpensive and they cover eye exams, standard lenses, and scratch-resistant or UV protective coatings.

Opticare offers a 50% discount on extra eyewear, 20% off LASIK eye correction, and low copays.


Guardian offers employers two plans for its vision services: VSP and DavisVision. These plans are customizable and they can either be paid or voluntary.

For plans that have copays, eye exams, contact lens evaluation, and fitting, plus eyeglasses are covered. Optional add-ons include LASIK surgery, diabetic eye care, and hearing aids. Guardian has a wide network of private and retail vision service providers.


SelectHealth provides vision care services through its partnership with Eyemed either on a voluntary or contribution basis. Their plans cover frames, lenses, and contact lenses (materials only). The plans are flexible and they have low copays.

SelectHealth offers a 15% discount for laser vision correction and a 40% discount on extra eyewear. SelectHealth’s partner, Eyemed has over 200 locations in Utah and exceptional customer service.

What’s next?

We understand the number of Utah health insurance companies to choose from can be overwhelming. If you would like help finding the right, personalized insurance plan for your employees’ health, dental, and vision coverage needs, Altura is here to make the process simpler. Click to learn more about our employee benefits solution, or contact us today and our team of experts will be happy to generate accurate health insurance quotes for your company, from any of the above providers.